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August 27, 2007 2:56 PM

Cuban Expounds Upon How Internet is "Dead and Boring"...

Came across a post on Blog Maverick, aka Mark Cuban's soapbox, from last week where Mr. Cuban defends his critique of the Internet as being "dead and boring." Earlier this month, I refuted Cuban's initial remarks along these lines by commenting on how the issue with the Internet isn't a lack of innovation, it's a lack of adoption. But in his latest writings, he responded to criticisms of his remarks, expounding further on his belief that the stabilization of the Internet as a platform for content, commerce, and applications, and the lack of sufficient growth in broadband speeds have retarded innovation online. In his words: "Some of you may not want to admit it, but that's exactly what the net has become. A utility. It has stopped evolving. Your Internet experience today is not much different than it was 5 years ago." While on the surface stating that the Internet of today is largely the same as the Internet of 2002 might sound preposterous, this isn't the first time I've heard this sentiment expressed.

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