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January 24, 2008 9:18 AM

Mark Your Calendars! On Jan 29th, App-Rising.com Co-Hosts DC Panel on Video Applications

That's right: App-Rising.com will be co-hosting it's first event next week in DC, joining forces with the Congressional Internet Caucus Advisory Committee and EDUCAUSE to put on a preconference activity to the State of the Net conference entitled "The Future of Broadband: Moving From Why to How".

On January 29th (next Tuesday) from 3-5:30pm at the Hyatt Regency in DC (full details and RSVP available here), anyone and everyone who's engaged with the debate on how to make America great through the deployment and use of broadband will convene for an event jam-packed with goodness.

It will kick off with opening remarks from FCC Commissioner Michael Copps.

Then lead into a presentation of an exciting new paper from EDUCAUSE called "A Blueprint for Big Broadband" that explores some of the options available to America to fund the deployment of big broadband fiber networks.

This presentation will then open up to a panel discussion featuring, among others, the paper's author, John Windhausen, who I've only met on the phone to date but who I'm rapidly gaining respect for as a leading thinker in this space, and Jim Baller, someone who I've long thought to have one of the most important, well-reasoned voices around.

And...drum roll please...it's time for my panel entitled "Beyond YouTube: Video Applications That Make Broadband Work"!

On it I'm featuring Tom Spengler of Granicus, John Hughes of GOSN, and Gary Bachula of Internet2. We're going to talk about how each of them are helping to deliver video in different ways for different purposes in an attempt to better society, while diving into the topic about the present and future demands for bandwidth as it relates to the development of video applications.

Needless to say I couldn't be more excited about this opportunity to join forces with a host of organizations and individuals that I respect and admire. And I encourage all of you out there that are based in or near DC to come out and join the fun as we discuss and debate the future of how we're going to make the most of broadband in this great country of ours.

Oh yeah, and it's free! Just RSVP to the info provided on this page.


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