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January 17, 2008 9:29 AM

Article Roundup: Internet Enables Discovery of Asteroid by High School Students, and More...

It's time for another Article Roundup, where I pull together a handful of articles and webpages I've found recently related to the wild world of broadband for your reading pleasure!

Racine Sophomores Discover Asteroid
Some Wisconsin teenagers in Racine through technology provided by Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI used images from satellites based in New Mexico to discover a new asteroid. Only in a broadband world can that kind of geo-busting happen!

US Places Three Cities in Top Seven Intelligent Communities of the Year
After getting shut out last year, the US placed not one, not two, but three communities in the top seven list put out by the Intelligent Community Forum. That's huge progress that I'm going to follow up with and investigate as to what helped most. Considering the fact that all the descriptions mention broadband to one degree or another, I think I know what at least one of the key factors was.

New Edge to Offer Breakthrough Service for Priortizing Traffic Over DSL
OK, so I have to admit this link is to a press release, but I thought it worth sharing to illuminate the reality that there are legitimate business cases for prioritizing traffic on an Internet access network. While I do believe pipes should be as open as possible, to suggest that all prioritization is inherently bad is quite simply false.

4Home Media Launches Broadband Home Health Service
Another press release and it's for a product that doesn't exist yet, which I tend to dislike talking about, but it merited inclusion based on the fact it's a CES story about a healthcare product that uses broadband to some degree. While much of the buzz around has been of people getting creeped out, 4HomeMedia's service lets you set up a bunch of sensors around someone who's potentially ailing, like an elderly grandparent, and keep track of them online. It'll be interesting to see what kind of demand it generates when it launches later this year.


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