Lafayette Hosts CampFiber | Healthcare Tonight, Watch Live

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Tonight in we start an exploration of what the future of healthcare can look like in Lafayette, LA. The new non-profit I've founded call FiberCorps is producing an event called CampFiber | Healthcare.

It builds on the foundation of the first two CampFibers I've held in Lafayette, which were general interest affairs with an audience primarily of app developers with the goal of facilitating open discussions about what's possible when you have every home on a 100Mbps LAN.

Now we're taking the concept to the next level, focusing the conversation on a specific industry vertical and more purposefully showcasing local innovators who are making the future of fiber-powered healthcare happen today.

The purpose of CampFiber | Healthcare is simple: to have innovators share stories about what they're doing to spark discussions among a diverse audience of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, community leaders, students, and technologists.

We chose healthcare for the first of this new series because its an area of real strength for Lafayette, which serves as both a regional hub for all manner of healthcare services as well as home to some of the top healthcare services companies in the country.

To show how rich the area is in healthcare innovation, in less than three weeks of planning we were able to find ten qualified speakers, and that's only scratching the surface as there are still so many innovators in the area.

The agenda is below. It features presentations on everything from advanced video-based telemedicine applications to health information exchanges to interactive online learning to the next generation of workplace health monitoring.

The event will be held at LITE (537 Cajundome Blvd), Lafayette's 3d visualization center and technology accelerator. Doors open at 5pm with a beer and wine reception. The program starts at 5:30pm and runs until 7:30pm.

For those not lucky enough to be living in Lafayette to attend in person, the event will be webcast at and the video will be recorded for on-demand playback.

These CampFiber events are an opportunity for the community of Lafayette to come together to engage in a conversation about what the future of fiber-powered healthcare can look like in their area. But the issues we're dealing with down here are relevant to every community in the country.

So look forward to hearing more from Lafayette as this community in the heart of Cajun country continues to show the way to move boldly into the 21st century embracing all that fiber has to offer to drive economic development and improve our quality of life.

Tom Winchell
LSU Health Sciences Center

Bob Miller
LEDA Accelerator

Sean Thompson
Henry Safety Systems

Blaine McManus
Advanced Telemedical Services

Brenda Ikerd
Louisiana HealthCare Quality Forum

Jay Pierret
Acadian Ambulance--National EMS Academy

Ramesh Kolluru
UL Center for Business and Information Technology

Doug Menefee
The Schumacher Group

Wendt Withers
Apex Innovations

Barbara Lamont
Calls Plus

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Great presentation last night. Very informative!

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