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October 2, 2008 10:28 AM

Article RoundUp: Nat'l BB Strategy, Net Neutrality, and Telemedicine

Here are three must-read articles for anyone interested in the future of the Internet in America:

Putting the Public Internet Back into Communications Part II
For anyone interested in national broadband strategy, I recommend reading this highly salient op ed from the inestimable Charles Benton. He makes a clear argument drawing upon historical references for the need for the next President to take broadband more seriously than the current occupant of the White House. I especially appreciate his call for us to stop speaking in generalities and start setting specific goals as a country, as well as his pointing out the need to focus on demand for as much as deployment of broadband. A great piece by a true thought leader.

Net Neutrality: An American Problem?
If you've been following the net neutrality issue, then this is a must read. It points out that the issue with net neutrality isn't one of infrastructure, it's the fact that the US all-you-can-eat business model of broadband is cracking under the stress of rapidly increasing demand for bandwidth. It also lays out the three clear choices available to any network operator when it comes to funding infrastructure buildout: eat the cost, charge the customer, or charge the content provider. As charging the customer and content provider have both been vilified, it seems that many want to force network operators to eat the cost, but in lieu of there being added profit derived from greater capacity, I don't see how they can justify eating into their margins. Hence we're at an impasse in getting next-gen broadband built out across America by purely private means.

Logging On For a Second (Or Third) Opinion
This is a great feature about the rise of telemedicine apps, in particular those that are available to consumers to use from home over the open Internet. It covers a lot of ground, hitting many of the high points, and listing a number of valuable applications. It doesn't delve too deeply into the many issues apps like these raise, especially when it comes to privacy, but seeing a story like this in the mainstream media is heartening and suggests that we may be getting closer to a day where telemedicine is not just an ideal that exists more in rhetoric than reality.

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