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May 16, 2008 12:40 PM

Twitter Keeping People Informed

I wanted to share an article I came across about Twitter.

It details how Twitter's been used in emergency situations like the California wildfires and the recent Chinese earthquake.

Many ended up relying on Twitter more than the mainstream news as it provided info that was more current and in some cases more accurate than what was being shown on TV.

Twitter was enabling the people on the ground, living through the emergency, to communicate with the world, and in so doing provide another example of the revolutionary opportunities the Internet opens up to make us a more connected world.

Even more exciting is that this is an example of how an application originally developed for the social media crowd to keep up to date with their friends has evolved into a new form of media and communication that holds the power to save lives as it may have done in California and China.

Twitter is a simple, little app, but one with big potential for positively impacting our lives.


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