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December 3, 2007 1:01 PM

FTTH Increasingly Spells Success

It's been an incredible year for FTTH in arena of public opinion.

It started as an albatross, a costly gamble that Wall Street battered Verizon's stock price for daring to try.

Then earlier this year attitudes began to shift. As demand for FiOS grew, so to did support for Verizon's bold move, even going so far as to begin putting pressure on fellow fiber deployer AT&T; for playing it safe and not taking the FTTH plunge.

And now at the tail end of '08, we've reached a whole new level, as this article makes the case that the dawn of full fiber networks like FiOS will lead to the extinction of Comcast and its cable company cohorts as they are increasingly unable to keep up as demand for bandwidth rises.

What a remarkable turnaround for the public perception of FTTH!


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