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May 8, 2009 10:31 AM

Broadband Debates Go West: Come Climb The Summits!

Updates on yesterday's spectacular Benton Foundation event to come shortly but for now the world needs to know about the hottest events in broadband policy going on next week on the West Coast: the Broadband Innovation and Tech Policy Summits.

On Monday I'll be in Silicon Valley emceeing the Broadband Innovation Summit, a daylong conference focused on educating community and business leaders on how we get more broadband, drive adoption, and foster innovation. We're also going to be diving into policy issues in an attempt to build a bridge between our West Coast innovators and policymakers and regulators in DC.

Attendance is free for individuals from government, academic, and nonprofit entities; free for all registered attendees to the Tech Policy Summit; and only $195 for a standalone ticket.

As emcee I can promise you that this will be an event well worth your time to attend. In particular we're going to be facilitating discussions and audience interaction vs. preaching from the podium, with a particular emphasis on fostering nuanced explorations of too often contentious and polarizing issues.

The Great Broadband Debate has already begun in Washington, DC with the call to action to formulate a national broadband policy. Now it's time to engage all corners of the US, so I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Silicon Valley on Monday!

Then starting Monday night and running through Wednesday will be the Tech Policy Summit, which will expand the technology focus beyond just broadband to include robust discussions of smart grid technologies, putting science back into policymaking, and more.

The good people at TechPolicyCentral.com have a tremendous speaker lineup compiled that will undoubtedly lead to a series of can't-miss conversations. Registration for the entire event with all meals included and free access to the Broadband Innovation Summit is $1095, with a special rate for those who work full-time for an academic, government, or non-profit entity of $395.

If you're on the West Coast but want to be involved in the latest happenings in our nation's capitol on the East Coast, there's no better place to be then at the Broadband Innovation and Tech Policy Summits next week in Silicon Valley!

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