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October 2, 2007 1:32 AM

Talk About a High Bandwidth Application!

Reporting from the FTTH Conference floor, I had an interesting experience with the realities of how much bandwidth next gen video applications actually demand.

As I mentioned yesterday, I've consulted for GOSN helping with their marketing, and while I didn't intend to mention them on consecutive days, another interesting thing happened: they proved themselves to be a truly high bandwidth application.

They were responsible for mounting: four motion sensitive cameras onto the Home Networking Zone--a well appointed faux four room house--a pan/tilt/zoom camera to a lightpole and another hung from the ceiling along with four other cameras showing an aerial view of the show floor.

You know how much bandwidth they needed to and from the Home Networking Zone alone? 27Mbps, and the cameras had bitrate and framerate left to fill if more bandwidth was available.

Luckily, that bandwidth should be available tomorrow so I'm excited to see what happens as we push the limits of what's possible in home security.

You might ask, how much would it take to truly max out the cameras' capacity? Over 100Mbps...symmetrical.

Talk about real-life evidence of the need for a 100Mbps Nation!

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