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July 6, 2009 11:50 AM

VidChat: Introducing MuniNetworks.org

Recently, Christopher Mitchell and the Institute for Local Self-Reliance launched a new website: MuniNetworks.org.

This site aims to serve as a repository of information about municipal broadband with two primary purposes:

1. To speak out forcefully against misconceptions about municipal broadband.
2. To provide a resource that can allow municipal networks to learn from each other.

To help get acquainted with the site's mission I conducted a VidChat with Chris Mitchell last week in which we discuss both the site specifically and municipal networks in general. Enjoy!

As a quick followup, the thing I like most about what Chris is doing with this site is that he's not going to just be another cheerleader touting municipal networks as the most perfect thing in the world. He's going to be honest about the ups and downs these networks have experienced.

I also like that while he and his organization do fervently support the rights of local communities to build their own networks, there aren't any other underlying agendas that they're trying to drive forward. Too many other efforts like this on related subjects aren't really about what they say they are, but instead have their messaging skewed by hidden agendas.

I've known Chris for a while and he's one of the straightest shooters I've ever met. And he's already producing some compelling content, like a comparison of the prices and speeds of municipal networks vs. private providers.

I'd recommend that anyone that wants to learn more about municipal broadband to check his site out. While still new, there's already good stuff to be found there, and that should only increase over time. And Chris would love to have this site become a form that can welcome multiple contributors. So if you want to participate in helping create content for the site, email him at: [email protected]

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